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Core Values

De Kleine Wereld is full of possibilities. Urban in his doings, open-minded, entrepreneurial and a touch daring.

Open-minded and easily connects with people from all walks of life. Gives a homely and convivial feeling.

De Kleine Wereld, expert in their own field, above all we love children. They are the future. That is our Small World!


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What we do, we do with warmth. It suits us, it actually comes naturally. Everyone who comes into contact with us notices that. New employees and new children. You even notice it in our communication.

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We always want to learn. Continue to develop; our own staff, Locations and brand, as well as our children. We never stand still. In fact, we always want to do better than what is already there.


If at all possible, we enjoy doing it. Of course we enjoy our work. But when we can, we go the extra mile. We believe that this is where memories are created that you never forget.

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Together is the only way. Our team spirit applies to the locations, but also to our overall organization. We are all De Kleine Wereld. Together we can learn and grow even faster.

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Entrepreneurship is baked into our brand. In all layers of the organization and in our actions. Trying new things and being given the freedom to do.

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