Attention Officer
In the context of quality assurance, child care centers, among others, are obliged to use this reporting code in case of suspicion or signals of domestic violence and child abuse. One of the (mandatory) steps of the Reporting Code Act is to consult an expert colleague or attention officer. This implies that this specific expertise must also be present in-house. All of our employees are regularly trained, so we have several experts in-house. In addition, we have officially trained Child Abuse Officers.

Contacting our attention officers can be done through


Confidential Advisor
Of course you can ask your (assistant) branch manager for all your questions, but it may happen that you feel more comfortable talking to someone outside Location if you are troubled by something. This may involve all sorts of issues that you feel it is important to be able to discuss confidentially; the topics of discussion are deliberately not demarcated. A confidant has a duty of confidentiality and will never do anything without your consent. For confidential matters please contact our staff:


If you would like your email to be handled by a specific confidant , please mention this in the email.