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After School Care
for your child.

Even when your child is older, playing remains an ideal way to develop and form. The extracurricular Childcare (After School Care) of De Kleine Wereld is completely geared to this.

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Our After School Care staff picks up children from school daily. We make sure that we are always present at the school a few minutes before the bell rings. Upon arrival at Location there is time to have a drink and something to eat, while time and attention is given to experiences at and stories about school.

At After School Care we work with a daily rhythm and rituals. Children like to know what's coming next, the day is somewhat predictable. This makes them feel safe and familiar. It also provides peace and structure in a group. These factors together are the basis for a child to relax and develop. Of course, there is also room for spontaneity, and deviating from the routine for once can be extra fun.

As children grow older, they have a greater need to play with peers. Here they are given every opportunity to do so. Finally, the children can do homework with or without supervision.

The After School Care

Our range of activities at the After School Care is designed to give children the opportunity to further develop their talents. These can be talents in music, sports, creativity, science and technology, drama and so much more. The use of pedagogical staff with a particular specialty and the cooperation with external partners is an important contribution to this talent development of the After School Care children. Each Location shapes this in its own way, taking into account the children's interests and needs.

During school vacations there is a program of activities, which with input from the children, is prepared in advance and will be communicated to parents and children. 


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Sports and Games
at the
After School Care

During sports and games, children learn many different skills, such as learning to deal with adversity, perseverance, taking initiative and responsibility, dealing with feedback, and learning to deal with rules and boundaries. They also learn to deal with emotions and develop self-confidence. Therefore, at After School Care there is plenty of attention to sports and game activities in which children are stimulated in their motor development, but also in their social emotional development. 

Sports and games are not only healthy, but also provide enormous fun for children and are good for their personal and social development. This is why we have a Sports Specialist. This specialist has specific knowledge about Sport and Games shares this knowledge within the organization. The Sports Specialist also organizes various sports events throughout the year in which all After School Care Locations participate.


Read more about our pedagogical vision and how we put our vision into practice here.



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After School Care

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Vacation care
During vacations and study/lesson-free days, your child can attend the out-of-school Childcare whole days.


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Know more

Do you have a specific question? Feel free to contact us for personal advice.

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Besides good Childcare, finding childcare near where you live or work is nice, due to the logistics of dropping off and picking up.

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"De Kleine Wereld feels like coming home to me every day and the place where children, parents and staff are allowed to be who they are. "

vve employee KDV Juliana Dots

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" We have known De Kleine Wereld for many years. The staff are all very involved, professional and sweet always make time for a nice handover and chat. We are very happy with them. "

Sandra Dierx
Parent at KDV/VVE Location Juliana Dots

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"Contributing together to an environment where children have room to develop and be themselves, That's De Kleine Wereld! "

Assistant Branch Manager The Horizon Dots

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