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Together we create a familiar place for your child.

At De Kleine Wereld we are - together with parents - engaged in parenting. We do this in a loving and professional environment where a child's enjoyment comes first.

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The purpose of parenting is to prepare children as best as possible for independent and social participation in society. This means that we not only provide children with the opportunity to develop freely and undisturbed, but also impart skills, knowledge, norms and values.

We do this through play.
After all, children learn through play.

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Each Location has its own (cooperating) branch manager for supervision of staff and children, contact with parents and administrative tasks. From the service office, the Locations are supported in the areas of Human Resources, Planning, Finance and Pedagogy.

The culture within De Kleine Wereld is open, professional and always focused on improvement.
We are a learning organization with specialists and experts in areas such as reading, sports and children with developmental progress. We measure the well-being of the children and the effect of our training.

De Kleine Wereld was founded in 2001 by
Erik Vlutters and Marit de Wit and has been led by Ester de Haas as director De Kleine Wereld since 2022.


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Warm, involved professionals
Our professional, committed and loving staff have a passion to make a real contribution to the development of the children they care for. They are all well trained, have a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and experience and are happy to share it.

All our pedagogical staff have a pedagogical education, all branch managers have a child-related HBO or university education. Both Pedagogical Assistants and Branch Managers are trained on and off the job within our DKW Academy.

We pay great attention to developing new knowledge and skills by offering continuing education. For example, our employees take courses such as:
- Child First Aid
- Training for baby specialist
- Child abuse reporting code training
- Coaching on the job / Video Interaction Supervision (VIB)

Regular, familiar faces
Our employees are all inducted by and with our own DKW staff.

During illness and vacations, we therefore work together as much as possible with our own permanent substitutes or help each other where necessary at another Location. What is special about this is that as a result we have formed a huge group of trusted and permanent employees within our organization who are all working towards that one "green" dot on the horizon.

All attention for your child
At De Kleine Wereld , we want our pedagogical staff to focus entirely on the children and support them in their daily work. Each Location has its own cook/housekeeper who cleans and prepares a fresh, hot lunch.

Making Knowledge

Want to get acquainted?
Feel free to call for an appointment.

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"De Kleine Wereld feels like coming home to me every day and the place where children, parents and staff are allowed to be who they are. "

vve employee KDV Juliana Dots

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" We have known De Kleine Wereld for many years. The staff are all very involved, professional and sweet always make time for a nice handover and chat. We are very happy with them. "

Sandra Dierx
Parent at KDV/VVE Location Juliana Dots

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"Contributing together to an environment where children have room to develop and be themselves, That's De Kleine Wereld! "

Assistant Branch Manager The Horizon Dots

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