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Powerful social child.

"You may be as you are, to become who you are but cannot yet be.
And you may become it in your way and in your time."

At De Kleine Wereld , your child will have the opportunity to develop playfully into a happy, strong and socially adept person. To live up to such a high standard, you have to have what it takes.


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When you walk into our home it should feel right right away, it should be right. It's a feeling that may be hard to describe, but you'll know what we mean when you've experienced it. Only with that click can we provide the Childcare that suits you. We are aware that a relationship of trust has to grow. And yet, from moment one, you should dare to leave your child with one of our staff with confidence.

And, especially in the beginning, it is not at all strange if you sometimes think, will it go well, won't they forget that... Feel free to call us, we are happy to talk to you. At all Locations you will find committed and enthusiastic employees who work passionately with the children and communicate openly and honestly with parents.

Experience and

Our staff works from their knowledge about children, our years of experience and the inspiration from the thoughts of 4 experts.

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of the

To begin with, there is Loris Malaguzzi, founder of pedagogy from Reggio Emilia. His starting point is the power of every child. Every child, from birth, seeks contact with the people and the world around him. Children are competent and creative. By watching and listening carefully to them, we discover what concerns them and what they need. This principle is expressed daily in our work. In practice, it means that the children get a lot of space to discover and make their own choices. In other words, a lot of freedom! Instead of keeping the children busy, the children are motivated to discover for themselves.

the child

Thomas Gordon is a leading developmental psychologist. His theory is based on the principle that children should be taken seriously because they are perfectly capable of solving their own problems if only they are given the opportunity to do so. Communication and good interpersonal relationships between children and adults are crucial. Children are equal in relationships. Children are good at indicating what they want; with or without words. Gordon's way of active listening and respectful response to the child's needs are visible in our way of working.

by experiencing

Finally, there is the thinking of the pedagogue and educator CĂ©leste Freinet. The child and his innate urge to explore the surrounding world are the starting point of Freinet pedagogy. Children learn by experiencing, discovering and living. At Daycare , this means that in addition to playing with toys and friends, the children should be able to engage in daily organization at Daycare.

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Emmi Pikler was a Hungarian pediatrician. She went of from that all babies are inquisitive and curious are born and themselves the best develop when the development a natural course gets. She stated that when children discover and learn in their own pace and at their their own way, they better learn sitting, stand, talking and thinking. Free move, free play and a respectful care are the keywords in the vision of Emmi Pikler. Through the effort of Pikler creates the employee with each child a invisible line that makes that every child feels loved and safe feels and therefore also itself goes discover and play.

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3rd educator

At De Kleine Wereld we take care of the spaces in which we accommodate children. The group space is called the third pedagogue, meaning that the space supports the work of the professionals. The group is designed so that each child can explore and there is natural peace and quiet. Our groups are decorated with quiet colors, wood and other natural materials. We do this so that the children experience as little stimulation as possible from the furnishings.

It is important for a child's emotional safety that the child can orient themselves in space. For this, they need concrete starting points in space -children feel the safety to explore the environment through this.


Know more

Will you drop by sometime? We would be happy to tell you more about our pedagogical policy and the way we put our policy into practice