Statement following incident at De Kleine Reus

Amsterdam 10-12-2022

Two weeks ago we learned, through one of the colleagues on the Integral Child Center (IKC) team De Kleine Reus, that one of the staff at De Kleine Wereld had been showing snippets of horror movies at the between-school Childcare (TSO) of two classes. We are shocked by this discovery and have taken it highly. It runs counter to our mission to allow children to discover and develop joyfully in a safe environment.

A meeting was held with parents to inform them of the steps taken by De Kleine Reus and De Kleine Wereld . Our first common concern was (and still is) with the children. De Kleine Reus immediately called in the parent and child team (OKT) and the pedagogical specialist team at De Kleine Wereld was involved. Naturally, the employee in question has not been employed at De Kleine Reus since the report.

Furthermore, we have been in contact with the Education and Child Care Inspectorate's Confidentiality Inspectorate, the GGD Inspectorate and the police, so that careful investigations could be initiated. The police have submitted the information collected to the prosecutor, who will come up with a recommendation on whether next steps are needed. Based on the information gathered, we have terminated the employee's employment. Screening authority Justis may, based in part on the results of the further police investigation, decide to revoke the Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). We trust that the competent authorities will make a careful assessment based on their investigation, in which we have of course cooperated in full transparency, and from their expertise. We await the results with interest.

We would like to emphasize that all employees at De Kleine Wereld hold a VOG and are linked to the register of persons for continuous screening. This former employee was also covered by this. In addition, all employees receive pedagogical coaching according to the IKK (Innovation and Quality Childcare Act).

Through this careful procedure, we minimize the risk of unsafe situations. It touches us deeply that the reports in Het Parool suggest otherwise. We ourselves also feel emotion about this incident, because children are involved and we want to protect them. At the same time, we feel a strong need to stand up for our employees, our mission and our careful way of working at De Kleine Wereld.