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At de Kleine Wereld we understand that childcare is much more than just childcare and are looking hard for colleagues at our KDV and After School Care branches to help build our beautiful organization that is always on the move.

A child's development is continuous, so we all work in a way where fun and quality go hand in hand. Our team spirit applies to all Locations in dynamic Amsterdam, where we are urban in what we do, open-minded and tackle everything together with a touch of guts. We give you the space to be who you are and who you want to become.

Have you always wanted to retrain for a job where you can really make a difference for children? Have you always wanted to work in childcare and have an undiscovered talent for coming up with creative and innovative activities, but don't (yet) have the right diploma that qualifies you to do so?

No problem! We will help you realize your ambition!


For several Locations in Amsterdam we are looking for Pedagogical Assistants in training. Working and learning at the same time, through a BBL-trajectory especially developed for you. And yes, we will pay for your training and you will receive your salary immediately!

This is how we get started!

We will enter into a contract with you in which you will learn the fine craft of Pedagogical Professional largely on the job. With coaching and guidance from our experienced professionals, you will start work immediately at one of our Locations. One day a week you will go to school, where you will receive a specially developed teaching program. For the hours you work (at least 12 hours per week at After School Care and 20 hours at the KDV) we will conclude an employment contract for which you will receive your salary immediately (in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Childcare).

For the training program, we enter into a study agreement with you, in which we agree that we will cover the entire cost.

Would you like to work more hours? That is certainly negotiable with us! 

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To combine this challenging job and educational training, we ask the following of you:

  • You are highly motivated; this is what you want and you are willing to work hard for it
  • You have an affinity for children and an enthusiastic flexible attitude!
  • You have a diploma Havo or Mbo level 3 (field of study is not important)
  • You are at least 18 years old

Don't wait any longer and seize this opportunity to join us to work with the most fun target group there is: Children!

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offer you

A wonderful opportunity to work in childcare with paid training.

Salary: your salary will grow with you during your training. When you start training, you will earn €2,265 gross per month based on 36 hours (scale 5, in accordance with the Childcare CLA). The moment you can work more independently (intallig) in the group, you go up in salary. After graduation you will be placed in scale 6.
You will also receive 8% vacation allowance (paid in May) and 3% end-of-year bonus (paid in December).
Contract: a BBL contract for the duration of the study period, after which we will offer you a regular contract if you perform well.
Vacation days: you have 26 vacation days per year (based on 36 hours).
Fringe benefits: we have good fringe benefits, such as a travel allowance or full reimbursement of ov expenses, collective health insurance, pension accrual with pension fund Zorg & Welzijn and a bicycle plan.
Vitality program: at De Kleine Wereld we think vitality is important. The content of this program is up to you. There is a wide choice of webinars, online programs and online coaching. In addition, you get free sports at Sportcity.
Academy days & team outings: every spring and fall an academy day is organized for all of DKW. Instructive and fun! We end the day with drinks. In addition, each Location organizes a team outing every year, the content of which you determine yourself with your colleagues at Location.
Childcare Academy: there are extensive opportunities to develop yourself through our DKW Academy in the directions you find interesting.
Priority: you have priority access to one of the branches at De Kleine Wereld for your own child. You will also receive a 5% discount on child placement.

After successful completion of your training, we offer you an employment contract for an indefinite period of time as Pedagogical Professional and together with your colleagues you will be responsible for the daily care, development and nurturing of a group of children. You will supervise children, both in groups and individually and liaise with parents/caregivers. You organize activities aimed at the development of the children of different ages. In addition, you actively contribute to consultation forms and share the daily care of the group room.



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Learn more

For more information about this position, please contact Amanda:

020 - 4120633
06 - 82762729


Apply directly

Job Overview

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"De Kleine Wereld feels like coming home to me every day and the place where children, parents and staff are allowed to be who they are. "

vve employee KDV Juliana Dots

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" We have known De Kleine Wereld for many years. The staff are all very involved, professional and sweet always make time for a nice handover and chat. We are very happy with them. "

Sandra Dierx
Parent at KDV/VVE Location Juliana Dots

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"Contributing together to an environment where children have room to develop and be themselves, That's De Kleine Wereld! "

Assistant Branch Manager The Horizon Dots

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