So much more than just daycare

At De Kleine Wereld , we understand that Childcare is much more than Childcare alone. A child's development is ongoing, so we all work together. In a way that puts fun first, for the child, their parents and our staff.

De Kleine Wereld is a familiar place where the child enjoys going. Where it can be who it is and who it wants to become. We choose our staff with the utmost care. They are at the heart of our world. Our staff have an eye for the child, passion for their work and pride in "their" children.

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We believe that the very best approach in our profession has yet to be developed, we are willing to get a little better at it every day and not afraid to try something new. Our world is one that feels like coming home. Where every afternoon there is cooking and a hot meal on the table. Where play and development go hand in hand. Where there is room for personal attention. Where an ordinary afternoon can become a small party. And where parent and staff work together on the development of the child. Every day again.

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Kleine Wereld

Children are unique individuals, they are powerful, talented and have a natural urge for self-development. They are curious and discover the world at their own level, at their own pace and according to their own abilities and character.

De Kleine Wereld provides the child with a complementary environment to home and school. Therefore, it is enormously important that we provide the child's Childcare in consultation with the parents. We offer an environment full of opportunities. With us, the child experiences different things and develops partly through contact with other children and adults. All this makes Childcare at De Kleine Wereld an essential part of education.

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"De Kleine Wereld feels like coming home to me every day and the place where children, parents and staff are allowed to be who they are. "

vve employee KDV Juliana Dots

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" We have known De Kleine Wereld for many years. The staff are all very involved, professional and sweet always make time for a nice handover and chat. We are very happy with them. "

Sandra Dierx
Parent at KDV/VVE Location Juliana Dots

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"Contributing together to an environment where children have room to develop and be themselves, That's De Kleine Wereld! "

Assistant Branch Manager The Horizon Dots

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