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for your child.

In addition to out-of-school Childcare, we also provide pre-school Childcare for several schools. Together with the children we start the day quietly in a pleasant and for them familiar environment.

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On school days, children are picked up from 7:30 a.m. and brought to school by our own teaching staff.

The hourly rate for VSO is the same as the hourly rate for After School Care. You can apply for preschool Childcare child care subsidies.

Not all After School Care Locations offer VSO, check the branch page to see what the options are.

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Do you have a specific question? Feel free to contact us for personal advice.

020 - 4120633


Besides good Childcare, finding childcare near where you live or work is nice, due to the logistics of dropping off and picking up.

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"De Kleine Wereld feels like coming home to me every day and the place where children, parents and staff are allowed to be who they are. "

vve employee KDV Juliana Dots

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" We have known De Kleine Wereld for many years. The staff are all very involved, professional and sweet always make time for a nice handover and chat. We are very happy with them. "

Sandra Dierx
Parent at KDV/VVE Location Juliana Dots

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"Contributing together to an environment where children have room to develop and be themselves, That's De Kleine Wereld! "

Assistant Branch Manager The Horizon Dots

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