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De Kleine Wereld
De Wittenstraat

We are De Kleine Wereld!

A special Location located in the close vicinity of the westerpark where committed and professional staff with loving attention are there for the children.

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De Wittenstraat

  • Manager Location
  • Manager
  • Location
    De Wittenstraat 25
    1052 AK Amsterdam
  • Contact
    020 6822023
  • Opened

    Daily from 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

  • Groups

    3 vertical groups 0-4 yr.

    1 Baby 0-2 yr

    1 Toddler 2-4 yr.

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Location De Wittenstraat is located on the edge of Westerpark and Jordaan, and is located on the first floor of a former school building.

Group rooms
Inside, there are well-decorated group rooms with large windows that provide a nice light. The groups are decorated with different play corners and quiet colors that create a homey and cozy atmosphere. Each group has separate bedrooms and each child has their own bed available.

Outdoor play
At the rear is a large leafy garden, furnished with a vegetable garden, outdoor kitchen and a place where babies can safely play outside in all space. We also frequent the nearby Westerpark and the Jordaan's lively market.

Location De Wittenstraat is characterized by the committed and professional team who put personal attention to the child and parents first.


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